Chef Bill’s Culinary Delights: Experience the Best at Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill

Welcome to Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill, where culinary excellence meets unforgettable dining experiences. Prepare to be amazed by the renowned Chef Bill’s exquisite creations, whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or a casual night with friends. At Billy Mac’s, our delightful menu caters to all tastes and preferences, promising to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

About Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill

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Nestled in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill is more than just a neighborhood pub—it’s a haven for gourmet enthusiasts. Revel in the warm and welcoming atmosphere as you indulge in Chef Bill’s culinary prowess. From wood-fired pizzas to mouthwatering rib-eye steaks and whiskey-cured prime rib, every dish showcases his expertise. Our diverse menu offers small plates, gluten-free options, and a dedicated kids’ menu, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We take pride in offering more than just exceptional food at Billy Macs Grill. Our bar boasts an extensive selection of over 25 wines, including sparkling rosés and Pinot Grigios, to perfectly complement your meal. Pair your favorite wine with our delectable bruschetta bites or charcuterie platters, and prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable dining experience. And for the whiskey enthusiasts, our wonderful whiskey selection awaits your discovery.

Step into our expansive 5,000-square-foot garden area and immerse yourself in the joy of wood-fired pizza and an array of craft drinks. Explore our climate-controlled drink cellar, allowing you to sample different beverages before making your choice. Whether you prefer microbrewed beers or a variety of wines, we have the perfect drink to accompany your meal.

Billy Mac’s Bar and Grill is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination that embodies the charm and history of Eugene. Housed on the first floor of the 1884 Cottage trade, our bar preserves the area’s ancient allure while providing a modern and comfortable setting for your dining pleasure. With flat screens for sports viewing, NFL Sunday ticket, and even video poker, we offer an array of entertainment options to enhance your experience.

Whether you prefer a cozy night indoors or basking in the sunshine on our outdoor deck during the summer months, Billy Mac’s has it all. Our friendly staff is ready to welcome you with open arms, ensuring your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Join us today at the corner of 19th and Jefferson in Eugene, Oregon, right next to the Little Y Market [1]. Let us serve you Chef Bill’s delectable creations and make your visit an unforgettable one. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions About Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill:

Where is Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill located?

Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill is situated at the corner of 19th and Jefferson, next to the Little Y Market in Eugene, Oregon.

What is the contact number for Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

You can reach Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill at (541) 687-5722.

Does Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill have an official website?

Yes, Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill has an official website where you can find more information and browse our menu. Visit us at

What is the revenue of Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

We apologize, but we don’t have access to specific revenue information. For accurate details, please contact us directly.

How many employees work at Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

The number of employees at Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill can vary. For the most up-to-date information, please contact us directly.

Which industry does Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill belong to?

Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill belongs to the food and beverage industry, specifically the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Who are the competitors of Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

Competitors of Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill can vary based on the location and market. We recommend researching local restaurants and pubs in the Eugene, Oregon area to identify specific competitors.

How can I get in touch with Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

You can get in touch with Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill by calling (541) 687-5722 or visiting our establishment at the address mentioned earlier.

What services does Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill offer?

Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill offers a range of services, including dining options for families, small plates and drinks at the bar, a kids’ menu, gluten-free choices, and a selection of gourmet dishes prepared by Chef Bill. We also provide microbrewed beer, wine, liquor, non-alcoholic beverages, and delightful desserts like hand-scooped milkshakes.

What are the social media links for Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill?

Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill invites you to savor the best of Chef Bill’s creations, immerse yourself in our warm and welcoming atmosphere, and create lasting memories. Join us today at the corner of 19th and Jefferson in Eugene, Oregon, or contact us for more information. We can’t wait to serve you and make your visit unforgettable.

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